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Wiki Game Reloaded (Wiki Wars) - Have a race at wikipedia from a start to an end article. | Product Hunt     Check out Wikiwars Reloaded at beta List

How it works!

We start with a random article and navigate through the official Wikipedia page to our destination.
First one there wins. The clicks are counted.

The winner!?

Winner is who was first at the finish line - means at the target article.

Game modes!

- Singleplyer: You can have fast single player game
- Multiplayer: Play against friends while shareing a game code

Rules of the game!

1. Do not cheat
2. Only use the links in the article
3. No second device

5 recent games

  • Game code: 91336
    Start: Selma, Iowa
    Goal: Russia
  • Game code: 91240
    Start: 1937–38 Irish League
    Goal: Northern Ireland
  • Game code: 91238
    Start: Fast food
    Goal: Billy Joel
  • Game code: 91229
    Start: The Diamond Crown
    Goal: On the Broad Stairway
  • Game code: 91215
    Start: Edmund Piątkowski
    Goal: Wasser

Top 5 most difficult games

  • Game code: 41860
    Start: Lawrence Rothman
    Goal: Myspace
    Time spent: 785 minutes by 1 gamers
    Clickes used: 11 clicks from 1 gamers
  • Game code: 32998
    Start: Anne Hathaway (poem)
    Goal: Austria
    Time spent: 1739 minutes by 4 gamers
    Clickes used: 30 clicks from 4 gamers
  • Game code: 86256
    Start: Castillo de Alesga
    Goal: Royal Mint (Denmark)
    Time spent: 99 minutes by 1 gamers
    Clickes used: 29 clicks from 1 gamers
  • Game code: 28409
    Start: Chamberlain (office)
    Goal: Mannerism
    Time spent: 139 minutes by 2 gamers
    Clickes used: 187 clicks from 2 gamers
  • Game code: 80420
    Start: Bunnaloo Football Club
    Goal: Virginia State Route 719
    Time spent: 117 minutes by 2 gamers
    Clickes used: 39 clicks from 2 gamers